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Banner Public Affairs is a highly-connected team of experienced government relations and communications professionals who win victories for clients working with government.

The team at Banner knows how government works and how to apply smart strategies, deep relationships, and multi-channel communications to campaigns that achieve business outcomes.

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Banner Public Affairs has a number of advantages that are rapidly making it one of the foremost public affairs firms in Washington.



Deep knowledge of how government works - specifically policymaking and procurement - and which levers to pull at the right times.


Creative, multi-channel thinkers, capable of delivering highly-integrated client programs that educate, compel and sell.


Strategic use of the latest, most effective tools and techniques to get the win.

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Banner offers an integrated combination of government relations and communications, tailored to fit each client's needs and proven effective. Banner supports each client engagement with a campaign management model that combines strategic planning and research with robust measurement and reporting.








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The principals of Banner all come out of a campaign background; this experience is invaluable in our ability to strategize, plan, and implement for our clients, whether governmental or private- sector. Second, we all understand Congress as an institution – its personalities, rules and protocols – and, consequently, have outstanding records of success in moving Congress from the inside.

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Banner Public Affairs Opens West Coast Offices

Banner Public Affairs today announced a new milestone in the firm’s continued expansion with the opening of two offices in California. Banner also hired a seasoned communications and public affairs counselor, Peter Hillan, as the firm’s newest partner to oversee the expansion and servicing of clients in the West Coast market.

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Banner fuses the best understanding of the D.C. culture with the tools of public relations to create solutions that work. We provide a solid, comprehensive plan — intelligently executed — to meet our clients' objectives.

James Talent, Banner Public Affairs

We spend a lot of time understanding how your company or association works, and develop and execute a strategy that delivers bottom-line results for our clients.

Jesse Appleton, Banner Public Affairs

Banner gets brought in when you really need to win. Our legislative expertise and knowledge of the procedure and process delivers clear, measurable victories for our clients to increase the bottom line.

Brett Thompson, Banner Public Affairs

Clients gain huge competitive advantages when they use integrated, multi-channel campaigns to achieve business goals. Banner delivers on this winning formula.

George W. Thompson, Banner Public Affairs

Banner’s unique environment dares you to be creative. I am excited to be part of a team that incites new, innovative solutions and believes strategic thinking and creativity go hand in hand.

Mark Miller, Banner Public Affairs
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